The 7 commandments of improving your golf in the gym!

Everybody knows that tour pros are spending more time than ever in the gym. There’s even trucks full of gym equipment following the players round from tournament to tournament so they have a gym on site and don’t even have to leave the course!

The progress you can make via the weight room is astounding but get it wrong and you’ll be left spinning your wheels, not getting any better and probably increasingly frustrated. So for the first ever blog on here I thought I’d give you some basic guidelines to follow with your time in the gym…..commandments if you will.

1. Thou shall squat…alot! Learn how to squat with proper form and do it. The squat is the king of exercises and will increase your power, stability and strength no end. Enough said.

2. Thou shall squat heavy. Squatting heavy weight (relative concept of course) in a corresponding moderate to low rep range, 3-5 sets of 3-6 reps is a good ball park, will best boost your strength levels. From what I have seen most active individuals have somewhere close to the muscular endurance required to play golf simply from their everyday lives and getting on the course regularly. However the vast majority, if not all, are missing muscular strength. This method of training will not only do more to increase strength, but also as it sits fairly centrally in the speed/strength continuum and on the reps/sets continuum, it provides considerable overlap into speed and power at one end of the spectrum and muscular endurance at the other. Giving you more improvement, across more areas, in the most time efficient manor.  Way more bang for your buck.

3. Thou shall eat properly if you want to improve in the gym. I’ll get to a blog post on nutrition pretty soon I’m sure but in the mean time, here’s a few links so you get the idea….basically eat healthy, nutritionally dense food and a lot of it to support your training.

4. Thou shall get jumping. Basic plyometric exercises such as jump squats, box jumps, broad jumps and medicine ball throws are a phenomenal way to teach the body to fire muscles faster and with more force. And lets face it swinging it with more force and speed is going to result in crushing drives past your buddies…always a good thing!!

5. Thou shall be able to execute a proper overhead squat. The overhead squat is a brilliant test of mobility and strength for golfers. Not only does it improve leg strength but also places massive demands on the core to stabilize the body and transfer that leg power…just as happens in a golf swing. And as if the wasn’t enough, if you can’t do a good deep overhead squat then more than likely you can’t maintain you posture throughout the swing….and that’s just making a difficult game even more difficult!

6. Thou shall do stretching and mobility work. Its pretty obviously how important this is to the golf swing. Its also really important for staying healthy and injury free. I know it’s boring, but just do it.

7. Add weight to the bar. Follow a well rounded program of basic exercises, the ones mentioned above and add in a upper body push and pull, use moderate to low reps and add weight to the bar whenever possible. Adding weight is simply the way to get stronger, faster and more powerful.

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