Cool strength stuff you should be reading to improve your golf

Here’s a small list of the best things I have read and seen in the last week to help you get stronger and fitter:

Starting strength is a legendary book in the world of getting strong. I believe almost everyone could benefit from a simple, well rounded strength program, of a few basic exercises improving each session in a linear fashion. This is a great resource for teaching you how, why and when to do these exercises and ties them all together in a neat little program. If your just starting out this is your new bible…get hold of a copy and memorize it!!

Next, a short article on the power clean from Wil Fleming, Olympic lifting coach, via Eric Cressey’s strength and conditioning blog. The power clean is an awesome exercise for developing the explosive power you need in your golf swing and learning how to effectively transfer that power through the body.

THE article on why we use the overhead deep squat test, and how to perform it, right here. Courtesy of the guys from

Flexibility and mobility are essential in a properly executed golf swing. To be honest about it if you don’t have proper range range of motion in your shoulders, hips, knees and ankles your not going to be swinging the club along the correct plane any time soon! MobilityWOD is an awesome website provide video logs of thousands of mobility exercises. Click everyday, do the home work Kelly sets you, and you’ll be feeling, moving and swinging better in no time!

Lastly, an awesome article from Sean Cochran, over at mytpi, about the fitness training needs of golfers over fifty. Sean and I disagree slightly about the need for muscular endurance in golf, as I believe most golfers already have adequate muscular endurance simply from having played a lot of rounds, and those that don’t should get it simply by practicing and playing more…which will also have the happy side effect of sharpening your game. Everything else Sean states regarding the effects of age, how to train to counteract them and the need for flexibility, balance and power in your swing is spot on.

3 thoughts on “Cool strength stuff you should be reading to improve your golf

    1. nbuchan Post author

      Thanks! Yeah that mobilityWOD article is great… love Kstar. More links to articles mobilityWOD, Wil Fleming, Eric Cressey will be up soon.


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