Want more PR’s in the gym, to move better, perform better, and swing better?

standing posture

Pay attention to you posture. Posture directly effects our movement efficiency and muscle activation. When we can move efficiently, activate muscles and sequence movement correctly in our everyday life this will carry over on to how we move on the course. Resulting in a technically better more repeatable golf swing, leading to better ball striking and better scores. Posture is not just for on the course!

2 thoughts on “The first sexy posture post

  1. andreasss92

    Love this picture! Is it okay for you if i might use it in the future of my own writings? I kind of got inspired to talk about posture now, but more in the way of strength training.

    1. nbuchan Post author

      Yes of course. It was in mens health UK years ago so the copyright isn’t mine to be honest. I will look forward to reading the post.


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