Planes, Axes, Movement

This image shows the planes of movement possible by the human body. Strength and conditioning programs are often guilty of being carried out too much in the sagital plane, involving flexion and extension motion along a frontal axis  (squats, deadlifts, military presses, vertical jumps etc). Ask yourself, is this most appropriate considering the golf swing is a multi planar movement, involving rotation around a vertical axis? Additionally, is focusing your training on one or two planes the best way to build a balanced, athletic physique?

2 thoughts on “Which planes of movement should you train in?

  1. Amanda's COREner

    I always have my golfers perform a lot of lateral flexion and rotation–emphasizing both lumbar and thoracic rotation. Opening up the side body and increasing rotation of the mid-back helps them immensely! You’re so right–we don’t move like robots, so we shouldn’t train like them!!

    1. nbuchan Post author

      Nice! Yes thoracic rotation especially is something that seems none existent in golfers, particularly if the have desk jobs too! Couldn’t agree more!


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