I’ve been banging on about banging on about how important posture is for a while now. As you’ve probably got bored of me saying it, here’s some amazing articles and posts on posture on and off the course. Some really top class fitness and golf professionals amongst this lot too, definitely worth a look!

4 thoughts on “The third sexy posture post

  1. xxquasar

    hey just noticed you started following my blog! I really like this post about posture! Might keep that bookmarked for future reference 😀

      1. xxquasar

        Personally I like the program so far! It’s simple, doesn’t require that many days to commit and I feel/see results and improvements in my other activities!

        Thanks by the way!

        I’ll take a thorough look through your blog later, I’ll shout out to you if I see something that I might use if you don’t mind? 🙂

      2. nbuchan Post author

        Yeah definitely! stick with it and the results will keep coming…super human strength in no time! 🙂

        Go for it…always happy to share the stuff I put up here!

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