Heidens: Deliver more power to the ball!

But there are golfers on tour who are fat and out of shape? What gives!? I hear this one an awful lot and yes its true….Craig Stadler and John Daly won majors, Lee Westwood got into the top 5 in the world and Kolt Knost enjoyed the best amateur career of a generation, all as out of shape fat guys. And we’ve all seen guys at our local clubs, who can bomb out drives despite not being able to squat let alone power clean or do a 30″ vertical jump.

Well these athletes are just efficient in the transverse and frontal planes. Yet most coaches and strength programs train their golfers in a sagittal dominated world. Of course exercises such as squats, power cleans and deadlifts carry over because they are the best strength builders and there is a systematic training effect. But the law of specificity should be applied, work should be focused on building power and strength in the transverse and frontal planes also.

Laterally directed jumping and landing drills, such as heidens, develop strength and power in the frontal plane, allowing you to learn to develop and control more power in the direction of the target. Giving you a better shot a transferring more energy up the kinetic chain and into the golf ball.

And a bonus video because I’m just that nice….lateral sled drags or lateral lunges work in much the same way but operate at more of the strength end of the continuum than the speed/power of heidens.

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