A brief quote from the black knight for all of you looking to improve your game, in the gym or on the course. It’s simple but says so much about the attitude of the man and how he became one of the true greats of the game.

“No shortcuts. No quick fixes. No blaming others. No I’ll do it tomorrows. NO EXCUSES!!”

Gary Player

5 thoughts on “Gary Player on fitness for golf.

  1. Colin Mieczkowski

    Nice post, great photos and great quote from Gary Player, and even for those who aren’t big on hitting the gym or don’t have enough time in their busy lives, just hitting the driving range several times a week hitting many golf balls help build strength. It worked for me as I went from swinging 128 mph to swinging 140 mph just by hitting the range several times. Even the great Bobby Jones said something along the same lines basically saying that hitting golf balls definitely help build strength and I think a lot of that has to do with the fact that you’re swinging something all the way around your body that has weight on it so it’s beneficial. By the way feel free to check out some of my latest posts at gpgolfreport.com

    Keep up the great work! 🙂

    1. nbuchan Post author

      Yeah the message here is definitely do what you have to do, work hard and you will get better. I agree with you partly, increased practice time will undoubtedly increase swing speed as technical proficiency increases. Also I am a big fan of developing the muscular endurance and cardio capabilities required for golf by actually playing golf. Bobby Jones did indeed have this view, however, without wishing to in anyway diminish a man who was probably the best ball sticker in the history of the game, he was around in a time when a lot less was known about biomechanics of the swing. It has been shown time and time again that increasing muscular strength, and decreasing imbalances, is an incredibly efficient way to improve mechanics and ball speed. Improving muscular strength cannot be done efficiently and effectively by swinging a club, the implement involved is simply too light.

      Thanks for taking a look!

  2. ancientaesthetics

    Nice article! People are forgetting that gym is not only for getting big, its for getting stronger explosive, imrpoving your cardiovascular performance and also for having a more stable body. For golfers shoulder and hip exercises are the most important since youre using these msucles the most. With a proper program everyone no matter what their sport of choice is can benefit of it.

    1. nbuchan Post author

      Thanks! Couldn’t agree more! I believe better athletes make better golfers, and better athletes are built in the gym! Every athlete regardless of sport can do with having a faster, more explosive, stronger hip musculature. That stuff is the basis of athleticism!


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