Hip mobility exercises you need to be doing!

We spend more and more  time in our modern world sitting at work, in the car and in front of the TV. Especially as we age the effect of this begins to add up. This shortens the hip flexor, which can cause the hamstrings to get tight and the glutes to stop firing. In the golf swing, it’s essential to have mobility in the hips. Not only does it take the stress off your lower back but it enables you to load your weight effectively in the backswing and initiate your downswing with the lower body first. When the hips get tight, we can create faults like a sway, slide, reverse spine angle, early extension, casting and more.

Below are videos detailing a stretch and some drills to free up your hips. They make a nice warm up for the hips prior to lifting or hitting or the course, or better yet put them together as a circuit and repeat a couple of times over whenever you can throughout the day.

Credit to TPI, Eric Cressey and DeFranco’s gym for the videos.

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