Home workout for strength, power & longer drives

Don’t let not having access to a gym keep you from improving as an athlete and a golfer! With just a few pieces of equipment (even homemade will work) you can get a great workout. In fact, as long as you have a bar capable of supporting your weight, an object heavy enough to challenge you when squatting and deadlifting with it, and a basketball filled with sand to act as a medicine ball your good to go.

After an appropriate warm up (ideas can be found on this site and all over the Internet…anything by Grey Cook or Eric Cressey is gold).  The workouts begin with a paired set of core or bracing exercises. Starting your workout with core exercises is gathering popularity with strength coaches, and there is considerable anecdotal evidence to suggest doing ab exercises first ‘turns on’ the core increasing engagement in subsequent exercises. Ultimately, this means better performance in the rest of the workout. I like to pair a dynamic exercise with a static one, and hit a range of angles.

A1. Side plank

A2. Mountain climbers (band resisted, TRX, or on a Swiss ball to add difficulty)


A1. Superman plank

A2. Half kneeling band chop (basketball or med ball chop will also work)

*paired sets mean completing A1followed by 30 seconds rest then A2, 30 seconds rest and so on. 2-3 sets of 10 reps, static exercises held for 20 seconds.

Power Exercises

You’ll only do 1 exercise here, no paired sets. The aim is to be explosive and throw, jump or push as high, fast our far as possible. Full recovery between sets and light weight is the order of the day. 3-5 sets of 3-5 reps works well.

B1. squat jump


B1. Med ball rotational throw


B1. Clap push up


B1. Lateral jumps

Strength & Mobility

The main portion of these workouts features paired sets of a strength exercise and mobility exercise. I love these sets for golfers for so many reasons; they allow for improvements in strength and mobility simultaneously without one being detrimental to the other, it keeps training density high and works the two key components for increased clubhead speed. 2-3 sets for as many reps as possible (if you can do more than 15 reps on any set the weight is too light).

C1. Goblet squat C2. Fire hydrant hip circles

D1. Chin up          D2. Hip drops

E1. Lateral lunge E2. Pec doorway stretch


C1. Sumo deadlift   C2. Wall slides

D1. Press up            D2. Hip windshield wipers

E1. Horizontal row  E2. Quadruped thoracic rotation

Finishing Up

Many of you might finish up right here, and you’ve still got a kick ass golf workout in. But for those of you who really want to amp it up, what do you do next? Well the answer really is it will depend on your needs and goals but here’s a few ideas.

Most would benefit from some static stretching and foam rolling to improve mobility and aid recovery. Guys and girls looking to up the anti with their strength levels couldn’t do much better than to pick up the two heaviest objects to hand and go for a walk! Seriously, locomotion exercises such as weighted walks do wonders for movement quality and if the weight is heavy enough to challenge you will sky rocket strength levels. Those that want to lose a few pounds can really kick up the metabolic challenge and power output by employing tabatas. Pick 1 to 8 exercises, locomotion exercises like weighted walks of bear crawls are again great choices, as are battling ropes, sand bag carries and lifts, med ball throws for high reps, or even strength exercises such as squats and push ups. Just keep the weight light on everything and move fast, work for 20 seconds, rest for 10 and repeat 8 times for a total of 4 minutes work…not as easy as it sounds!

Give these workouts a try, you’ll have fun and improve your golf…I bet you!

Did I just blow your mind? Leave a comment, then share with EVERYBODY!

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