Switch hitting for golf?

Well maybe not when your hard earned money, beer or bragging rights are on the line against your buddies! But on the practice tee and in the gym adding in some switch hitting could unlock a more powerful golf swing and give you more distance.

Anecdotal evidence points to a strong correlation between the longest hitters in the world and a history of speed training in the opposite direction. In other words, if they were a right-handed golfer, they train for speed left-handed. Many high level golfers compete or practice explosive speed in the opposite direction. From playing hockey left-handed, to pitching left-handed, to switch hitting in baseball, to running backwards, it doesn’t seem to matter. What matters most is the development of speed in the opposite direction.

The theory is that your body will only accelerate to the point of which your body knows you can safely decelerate (makes perfect sense, from an injury prevention standpoint). Therefore, the stronger and faster your decelerators are, the faster you can develop your accelerators. There is also the argument that training the opposite side of the body helps maintain symmetry and mobility, which is beneficial regardless of what direction you are swinging.

Opposite side training can be incorporated into training and practice by making sure to complete medicine ball and long toss drills in the gym with both sides of the body. Same side medicine ball and long toss drills without letting go, or practicing baseball type swings from both sides with a ball teed up around waist height, can also add to the training effect on your decelerators. Adding opposite side swings can be used as a great warm up tool. Even adding backwards, and side to side, sprints (to both sides of course) to your explosive power or conditioning workout arsenal will work.

Give it a try and let me know how you get on, it might just see you blasting it past your playing partners and winning that beer more often!

Did I just blow your mind? Leave a comment, then share with EVERYBODY!

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