Top 5 reasons you’re not seeing results in the gym.

Everybody hits the gym for a reason, be it to improve their health, lose fat or indeed perform better on the golf course. However often people training on their own fail to make progress towards their goals. I believe there are a few commonalities to the lack of results the average trainee experiences. In an effort to ensure you’re progress doesn’t grind to a halt (aren’t I nice to you!) What follows below is my top 5 training mistakes:

5. Not sticking to the basics (keep it simple, stupid).

Around this time of year, particularly, with a plethora of exotic looking gadgets, fitness DVD’s, exercise books and ‘intense’ workout routines with the ‘newest muscle building secrets’ it’s easy to fall pray to seductive sounding promises. In reality any new ‘secret’ will never stack up to the big, basic, compound movements like squats, deadlifts, bench press, pull-ups and power cleans for building strength and power. Basic exercises like planks and side planks will do more to develop useful core stability than the ab chair ever will. Make sure the basics are the foundation of your program. Do them regularly, get good at them, and good things will happen to your physique, strength levels and golf swing.

4. Bastardising programs/ Program hopping.

Pick one program that fits your goals and lifestyle and stick to it! Stick to it as written, with nothing added!

The internet is without doubt a great thing ( is on it after all!) but it can often result in information overload. Simply put, there is too much information around. We are constantly being bombarded by the latest tips, tricks and secrets to six pack abs. And it all sounds good!

The result of this overload is generally an overcomplicated, impossible to maintain program. By the time you’ve mixed a little of program A and B to program C, the resulting workout is a frankenstein behemoth that is too long and complicated for anyone to get through with intensity and progression. On the other hand, your program may be perfect but you need to give time to actually let the results come to fruition. Stick to a program for the length of time the creator of the program suggests, probably a few months at least.

3. Lack of progression.

Progression simply refers to trying to improve. Progression is not always linear (in fact, except in rank beginners, its rarely linear) but it should be the goal.

Think more weight, sets, reps; and/or less rest. Also experiment with more difficult exercises and routines as you master the current ones (but remember number 5…the basics should always be a cornerstone of your program).

2. You’re not recovering hard enough!

Recovery is an often overlooked part of progress in the gym. You spend a lot more time outside the gym than you do in it, so it stands to reason that what you do outside the gym will have a large bearing on your progress. As the old soviet adage goes, there’s no such thing as overtraining. Only under recovery. Eating a sufficient quantity of quality foods and sleeping well are the corner stones of a good recovery protocol. Supplements and regular stretching and foam rolling can also have a part to play. Proper recovery strategies can see you training harder, for longer, and more often.

1. You’re not training hard enough!

Step into any public gym and unfortunately your likely to find far to many people going though the motions. They do the same workout routine on the same treadmill or with the same weights week in week out, usually whilst maintaining constant conversation with the guy or girl next to them. And they wonder why they aren’t making any progress! It’s not enough to simply show up, training needs to be done with a focus and intensity to achieve results.

Intensity can be achieved by lifting more weight, increasing sets or reps, decreasing reps, and even lifting a weight faster.

In summary then, pick a sound training plan based on the ‘big’ exercises from an expert in the field and stick to it! Focus on INTENSITY and PROGRESSION and take your game to the next level!

8 thoughts on “Top 5 reasons you’re not seeing results in the gym.

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    1. nbuchan Post author

      Haha like it! ‘Your training partner knows less than you’ is a good one. How did you get in writing for that site if you don’t mind me asking?

      1. Strength Disciple

        There is a small “link” or whatever on the bottom of their main page that says “write for us” so I clicked and sent my old blog for reference. He reached out and has given me four assignments so far…which has been a cool experience.

      2. nbuchan Post author

        Yeah sounds pretty sweet. Seems like a site getting very decent traffic too. I may have to brazenly steal your idea and get in touch with them, if you don’t mind too much.

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