Stronger Golf Bibliography 04/04/14

The inaugural edition of Stronger Golf bibliography! The aim of these posts will be to bring you guys, my readers, the best strength and conditioning, instructional, and any other advice relating to improving your golf games from around the web, to your attention. This weeks edition will focus on my all time favourite topic: athletic training for improved golf performance. Check out whats on offer below and let me know what you think of the articles and the idea of this post.

Athletic development for golf – Matt Scott is a friend of mine, and awesome TPI certified golf fitness coach. We both share a core value when it comes to golf fitness…if you want to become a better golfer become a better athlete! What he says here is spot on!

Developing baseball power: what the latest research says – This article is from strength and conditioning goliath Eric Cressey. And yes it’s about baseball not golf, and truth be told it is presenting research that is two years old now. But the tenets of that research remain true, and building power in the lateral and rotational planes works incredibly well for the golf swing as well pitching and hitting (these movements, whilst on slightly different planes, are pretty similar if you think about it!).

5/3-1 for athletes – Jim Wendler’s 5/3/1 program is one of the most complete and useful strength training protocols I’ve ever come across. Here Jim does a brilliant job of explaining how to combine this template for strength into a program of athletic training. Speed and power, conditioning, recovery and everything else needed in a complete sports performance program.

5 Great lessons – This pure gold from the legendary Dan John. Dan’s storied style is great and he has so much to teach about life and lifting weights to get better at sports. I honestly believe hitting the strength standards discussed in this article are a most for all athletes, and doing so will make you a better golfer without question.

Can you guarantee improved performance? – This is a great article from Mike Robertson detailing the rationale behind his belief that physical training can make any athlete better and how he goes about doing that. Hint: You probably all need to work on your movement quality and breathing patterns!

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