The glutes are No.1

Today’s article is a guest post from Nick Randall. Nick is a Strength and Conditioning Coach, Presenter, Rehab Expert and Massage Therapist contracted by Golf Australia and Golf Queensland to work with their elite player squads. Nick also recently developed and launched the world’s most comprehensive golf fitness app – ‘Golf Fit Pro’. You can also get individually tailored golf fitness programs on his website –

golfitapp-nickrandall-strongergolfThe 3 areas that have most influence on your golf swing are:

– Glutes / Hips

– Core / Pelvis

– Upper Back / Scapula

Get these working well and your golf swing has a much better chance of operating like you want it to! This post will focus on what many golf strength and conditioning coaches refer to as the kings of the golf swing, the glutes.

Our gluteal muscles are a complex group of muscles that do a variety of different jobs, all of which are very important to both our day to day functioning and more intense exercises and sports performance. They also have a crucial part to play in the golf swing.

They are largely responsible for controlling the positioning and movement of the pelvis and hips. What your pelvis and hips are doing in your golf swing has a large influence on the direction that your torso, arms and club are moving in as demonstrated in the principles of the golf swing kinematic sequence. This is essentially the principle that movements in your lower body have a flow on effect right the way up your body and all the way out the club head. (Note: Indeed a 2012 study found that increased pelvis rotation speed and stronger glutes lead to increased golfing performance).

The glutes are so important to our golf swing and our everyday function, and yet we see people who have poor glute activation and function on an all too frequent basis! Lack of glute activation and strength is the root of so many evils:

– Tightness and/or injury in hip flexors, low back, ITB and hamstrings.

– Poor motor skills in basic movements such as squat, lunge and bend.

– Lack of stability and control in lateral and rotational movements (golf swing). – Lack of power in a multitude of movements (running and golf swing for example).

With a few simple exercises you can wake your glutes up and get them working really efficiently in your golf swing. The exercises featured in the video below are some of the ways in which we get the glutes fired up.


Use these exercises blended into a warm up or between sets to activate your glutes, and feel your quality of movement improve.


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