Movement quality is the foundation

I am constantly trying to improve and refine the quality of my clients movement. For many, we have to re-lay their movement foundation completely prior to introducing more intensive methods of training.

But why is movement so import?Movement-Quality

What many people fail to realise is that they are working too hard to achieve improvements in strength, power, etc. If they would only take a step back and address the big picture issues, they’d actually see a better change in performance. Movement is the low hanging fruit. Working on mobility, stability and movement will add pounds to the bar as well as mph and control to your swing, almost instantly in many cases.

The body is built to move as one seamless, integrated unit. Instead I see golfers with a laundry list of movement issues:

– Poor breathing patterns

– Anterior pelvic tilt and lumbar lordosis/ Posterior pelvic tilt and thoracic kyphosis

– Horrible thoracic mobility

– Poor rotation through the hips

– Poor rotation through the shoulders

In truth this list could go on, but these are the major ones to start. As an example, let’s look at one of these issues and see how it could hold back your performance.

anterior-pelvic-tiltIf your pelvis is in constant anterior tilt with a big lordosis of the spine, you’re stretching out the big muscles on the back side of your body (chiefly the hamstrings) and not allowing them to contract optimally.

Perhaps more importantly, your core is offline, your diaphragm and pelvic floor are no longer facing each other and able to work together to create intra-abdominal pressure and stability. Effectively, you can’t transfer energy from your lower to your upper body as efficiently. This presents a massive problem as your ability to convert the power created by rotation of the pelvis into club head sped in the golf swing relies on the efficient transfer of energy through the core. With a weak or unstable core you’re losing distance and control.

This is why I bang on about movement quality so much. You can train hard, hitting balls, deadlifting and squatting heavy but these won’t give you optimal results (in fact, that may even exacerbate the problem) until you sort your movement. In short, it can add distance to your tee shots and lbs to your deadlift, without ever actually training the pattern in question.

Both in my personal training and when working with clients, call me lazy, but I want the easy gains first. Think working smart, before you start working hard.

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