Stronger Golf Bibliography 08/05/14: Power Edition

Yes it’s the long awaited second edition of Stronger Golf Bibliography – you lucky people. Just to recap here I will provide you with links and exerts from articles round the web, from great websites and strength and conditioning coaches. Basically, I’ve done the sifting so you only have to read the best! Today’s edition will focus on power, more specifically how to generate more of it.

In short, power is the ability to apply a lot of force very quickly. The golfers need for power has the highest specificity of all sports. Few sporting movements, have a higher need for power output than the golf swing. If you want to bomb long drives you’re going to be needing some power!

10 moves for explosive power

by Wil Fleming. This article is pretty comprehensive on giving you exercises and demonstrations to develop power in all three planes.

Why I don’t use olympic lifts

Yeah ok this is one of mine. But hey, I thought I said it quite well to be honest. Olympic lifts require a massive amount of technical mastery and time to learn (something which we may not have the luxury of with competitive golfers) and are sagittal plane movements, which as I have said before on here I don’t believe is best for golfers.

THE 2 exercises to increase power

One of mine again, but there is a reason! This one follows on from the olympic lifting article. Telling you what I do do, and why it works.

The speed-strength continuum

This is an amazing video by Eric Cressey. This video went along way in convincing me to move the majority of my power training from heavier weight exercises (like olympic lifts and weighted jumps) to lighter, faster often bodyweight variations (like med ball throws and lateral jumps). I would just ask you to watch and see where you think golf lies on the spectrum?

Plyometrics and box jumps

Another great video, this time from Mike Boyle, and inside his staff meeting too. This runs you through the whys and most important hows of box jumps and plyometric training superbly.

Did I just blow your mind? Leave a comment, then share with EVERYBODY!

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