Good Reads – 9/9/14

As usual I’ve saved you the effort of trawling through the WHOLE internet yourself, and am just bringing the best golf and training advice straight to you!


First up an awesome post from Chris Beardsley of Strength and Conditioning Research Review, on Bret Contreras’ blog, putting to bed an often discussed topic in the fitness world. Functional strength gains by leg pressing explores the pro’s and con’s of using the leg press to improve athletic ability (the answer isn’t as clear cut as you might assume)

Functional strength gains by leg pressing?


I love this article, and the exercise selections in it, from Stan Sturgis at It is written with off-season baseball players in mind, but the same issues of a need for core stability, developing shoulder and scapular control, and a lack of off-season time to do it also hold very true for golfers (core stability is vital for transferring power created by the lower body into the clubhead, shoulder stability and scapular positioning are vital in achieving proper dynamic posture and consistent swing plane and hell everyone knows how ridiculously shot a pro golfers off-season is these days!)

Integrating shoulder and core exercises for high efficiency


Kelly Baggett is a clever, clever guy who specialise in getting athletes faster, more explosive and performing better. This article explores the mental aspects of sports performance a little. The issue of overanalysing is a massive for myself personally, and is definitely something that can creep in for most in golf as we have so much damn time to think about it in between shots.

Is overanalysing killing your sports prowess?



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