GOLFERS: Get Strong In Every Direction

The golf swing is not linear in nature it obviously requires a great deal of lateral and rotational movement, as such you need to be able to move in and out of these movement planes. However mobility work and developing movement patterns simply isn’t enough. You need to be able to utilise strength (a.k.a produce force) in these positions.

When you’re able to passively get into positions but aren’t able to express any strength in that position you are, not only missing a vital component of force production that will ultimately result in increased clubhead speed, but are also more likely to get injured.

Many functional strength programs overuse muscles in certain positions, while completely neglecting them in others. Think about it, squats, deadlifts presses, pull-up, rows, power clean, etc, while great exercises are straight up and down in nature. The golf swing is not like this, so if you’re only doing these exercises there is a gap in your training there.

I have written about the importance of lateral exercises in the past, if you want more ideas on exercise options check out this past post, and always suggested programming these moves after your main lifts as accessory work. Recently though (based on an idea from Max Shank) I have begun to incorporate these moves at the beginning of the session as part of a movement prep superset to be done after the warm-up and prior to the main strength part of the session. These work great as you are fresher when doing the lateral movements so the movement quality is better and they do a nice job of priming the nervous system to lift heavy ass weight in the main strength session. Here’s an example of a great movement prep superset we’ve been using of late in our lower body sessions:

A1. Single-Leg Glute Bridge

A2. Side Plank

A3. Lateral Lunges       (10 reps of each, repeat the whole circuit 2 to 3 times)

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