Random Golf Fitness Thoughts: Instalment 7

1. Train standing posture.

You spend way more time standing, walking etc than you do swinging a golf club, think the imbalances you develop there aren’t going to carry over into your swing?



2. Not everybody is designed to squat.
Axially-loaded single-leg exercises can be a great substitute for squats in those who lack the hip or ankle mobility to squat deep right away, and those who have lower extremity or core issues that may not handle heavy bilateral loading well. Here’s one of my favourites:
3. Use fillers to break up power training sets.
Optimal training for power mandates that athletes take ample time between sets to recharge. Unfortunately, a lot of athletes have a tendency to rush through power work because it doesn’t create the same kind of acute fatigue that you’d get from a set of higher-rep, loaded work. In other words, you’ll want to rest more after a set of five squats than you would after a set of five heidens, even if you were attempting to put maximal force into the ground on each rep with both.

To that end, one thing we commonly do is to pair power training exercises with low-key corrective or mobility drills. These drills are commonly referred to as “fillers,” I first saw them in Eric Cressey’s programming, and they represent a great way for us get more quality work in with each session, but just as importantly, slows the athletes down to make sure they get the most out of their power training. A good example we use often is to pair a rotational medicine ball training drill with a hip mobilisation drill.

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