The Weeks Best Fitness Articles For Golfers – 6/9/15

Article of the week

Smart lifters guide to rest periods, Scott Abel

If there is one question I get more than any other from golfers looking to get fitter and performer in the gym it’s about rest periods. This probably compounded by the fact that I very really detail exact rest periods in my programs to be honest, but there’s a reason for this. Rest periods are a highly individual thing depending on the workout your doing, the amount of sleep you’ve had, your resting heart rate, etc. This T-nation article does a fantastic job of explaining how you can make rest periods can work for you individually.

Honourable Mentions

10 reasons you should be doing Turkish get-ups, Monika Volkmar

Turkish Get-ups are an amazing exercise! They develop hip mobility, hip stability, thoracic extension, shoulder mobility, scapular control, strength and balance, all in one exercise – As Monika says they’re badass! However they are a complex exercise to perform, this article takes great care to show you in detail  why and how to go about performing TGU’s

3 crawl exercise variations, Damon Goddard

Damon pretty much says it all in this video for Golf Digest, crawl variations are great for core control, co-ordination and can even give us a helping hand in developing usable mobility. Watch the video and include them somewhere in your training!

Strength training for golf, Todd Marsh

Todd does a really nice job here of simply explaining some of the misconceptions about training for golf and the basic of why strength training can help your golf, whether your a young buck tour pro or a retired hacker (no offence!)

Exercises you should be doing: 1-arm low cable row, Tony Gentilcore

This is an exercise I have become somewhat obsessed with in my own training of late. I love it because first off because it’s a row, and pretty much everyone needs more rowing in their programs, secondly the single arm element means there’s a great core work component too. The standing element also means the scapular is also free to move about and most stabilise itself.  We can alter stance (standing, split stance, tall kneeling, half kneeling, etc) too, developing the stabilisation requirements for the individual performing the exercise.

Cardio for golfers, Matt Scott

Ok so this one breaks the rules in that it wasn’t published anywhere near this week, but I only came across it this week so it still counts! (I make the rules so deal with it!). Me and Matt probably disagree on the methods of cardio for golfers, I am a big believer in specificity in cardiovascular training so low intensity steady state cardio for golfers is where its at for me. I also believe the fact low intensity steady state cardio triggers the parasympathetic nervous response, like we do in golf, as opposed to the sympathetic nervous response we get in high intensity HIIT style cardio. What we don’t disagree on is cardio has a place on golfers training and further more is massively overlooked!

10 steps to better hip thrusts, Bret Contreras

The hip thrust is a great exercise is to develop some serious glute strength, vital for hip stability in the golf swing. These tips from Bret are a great way to clean up the movement if you have anterior pelvic tilt, like an awful lot of you reading this will. That said, if you are someone who walks around in posterior tilt I suggest using the typical method highlighted at the start of Bret’s video as this will help encourage the little more anterior tilt you need to get back to neutral

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