This weeks best fitness articles for golfers – 13/09/15

Article of the week

Making shapes in the gym, Matt Scott

Matt’s rapidly turning into a bit of a regular in these lists even though I’ve only done two of them! Mobility is important, just taking a cursory glance at a golf swing will tell you that! This article and video takes you through a few great dynamic mobility exercises that can be used as a warm-up to both your workout and your round, or daily as a quick and simple home workout to improve mobility.

Honourable mentions

Thoracic spine mobility for golf, Lawlor Clinic

Another mobility article (yes it’s that important!) As a reader of this blog i’m sure you’ve heard me banging on about how the thoracic spine mobility, and more specifically rotation, is vital in achieving proper rotation in the golf swing. As my favourite Mike Boyle quote goes “bad golfers turn at the low back, whilst good golfers turn at the hips and the upper back.” The video in this article has slightly sketchy audio at points, but it’s more than worth it because there’s great exercises!

Talking shop with Coach Dos, Tony Gentilcore

Coach Dos is one of my heroes in strength and conditioning and this interview with him by Tony Gentilcore (another great S&C coach) does a great job of reminding me what’s truly important in physical preparation for sports and training athletes.

Does Compression clothing make sense for golfers? Ron Kaspriske 

As the title suggests this is a look at whether or not there is actually a performance benefit to popular compression clothing. It takes a very thorough and well-rounded look at the subject. Just for the record I’m with Ron, it probably doesn’t help performance but it doesn’t hurt either and the mental aspect can’t be overlooked in a sport like golf. If it makes you feel good go for it!

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