Download “The Biggest Myths and Facts in Golf Fitness” E-book For Free

The eagle eyed amongst you may have noticed a few changes to the layout of this here site. Firstly, hope you like it? Let me know what you think in the comments below. Secondly, to go along with these changes, and because I’m just generous like that, I’m giving away a free e-book called ‘the biggest myths and facts of golf fitness’ to anyone who visits the site. Below is the link to download and a short blurb to the e-book

Click here to download

There are a lot of myths out there! The age of the Internet has brought us access to all the information you could possibly wish for, however it has also resulted in an information overload where the facts can often get lost in a wash of myths.

This e-book will dispel some of the most commonplace fitness myths touted to golfers and show you what to do instead.

That’s not all! We all know that being fitter doesn’t mean you will perform better on the course. To see the best carryover to performance you need to be specific about your exercise selection and your training methods so with that in mind we’ve also included a further 5 more facts of training for golf!

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Click here to download

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