Best Golf Fitness Articles For Golfers – 27/09/15

The best fitness articles for golfers is back this Sunday morning!

And I have some cracking articles for you today…in fact so good I couldn’t choose just one best one, so you have 3!

Best of the week:

Hitting save on a movement document, Gray Cook

I use a lot (I mean a lot) of kneeling and half-kneeling exercise variations in my training programs. These tall-kneeling and half-kneeling patterns limit the stability requirements of a exercise and create bridge between your mobility work and your lifting work. This great article by the guys at FMS takes you through the why behind using patterns with both detail and clarity

What to hit on the golf course (hole by hole), GolfDigest​ and Matt Jones

I’m not a qualified nutritionist, but I know enough to know how important it is to performance on the course and in the gym. As such I’m always on the look for quality nutrition articles to share with you guys, and this one from Golf Digest and Matt Jones certainly qualifies! Love the emphasis on proteins to stabilise energy and ensure concentration.​ podcast with Charlie Weingroff

I think this is the best podcast from Jeff and 18 strong so far – yes including the one I’m on! Charlie is one of the best in the business and a proper S&C coach with the know how and scientific evidence
to back it up. This interview will give you a lot of the scientific rational behind why i don’t recommend golf specific or ‘golfish’ exercises.

Honourable mentions:

The simplest way to improve your warm-up, Chris Wicus

There is a big stability or mobility first debate going on at the moment in the fitness world. My take is neither particularly matter if you’re alignment is poor. Breathing drills are a method I have just started using to help with alignment issues. Here’s a great little primer on the basics

The worst thing you could do for your golf swing, Ryan Blackburn

This dovetails nicely with Charlie’s podcast on ‘golfish’ exercises. Exploring why you shouldn’t use exercises that mimic the swing or training aids like weighted clubs (1000% agree with this by the way..weighted clubs are a terrible idea!) and gives some good option for bog standard general physical preparedness exercises that are actually much more effective.

Did I just blow your mind? Leave a comment, then share with EVERYBODY!

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