The top 5 posts of 2015

Here’s a brief run down of the the top 5 most awesome posts on the site this year according to you guys who take the time out to read (thanks so much for that by the way, I truly am grateful).

1. 10 ways to build strength and power out of the sagittal plane

Planes, Axes, Movement

This is fast becoming a bit of a seminal post for us. Hopefully most are aware by now that if we want to get the most out of physical preparation for golf we should train, not just in the sagittal plane, but in the lateral and rotational planes the golf swing largely occurs in. The problem is that golfers are often unsure of how to execute, program and progress these movements. This is my go-to article on the subject. Read more…

2. Improving ankle dorsiflexion for a better golf swing


The ankle, along with the wrist, maybe the most ignored joint in terms of athletic performance. However the foot is our only contact point with the ground, in a sport such as golf where a powerful swing is the result of creating large amounts of ground reaction force its importance should be obvious. Read more…

3. Olympic lifting for golf: What do the experts say?

Deep Overhead Squatting in the gym

Some claim they offer the best carryover to all sports and are absolutely essential, whilst others state the risk-reward is simply not worth it or the movement isn’t specific to rotational sports. Some of the best in the business give an insight into their use of olympic lifting. Read more…

4. How to golf forever: 5 key exercises


The golf swing is not an easy motion on the body and your posture likely sucks – You sit a lot and you stare at a lot of screens. In order to play for as long as possible, you need to make caring for your body a priority in order to prevent injury and insure lifelong orthopedic health. Read more…

5. The 5 best core exercises for golfers



The abdominal muscles primary function are to stabilise the spine. Hopefully we are all past the days of believing crunches and sit-ups are the only exercises you have to do to build a strong core. Read more…


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