We’ve moved!

As some of you may have noticed things have been pretty quiet on this blog of late. There is a reason and that reason is pretty great (well we hope you think so anyway)…we’ve been busy designing and building a new website, creating a fantastic new video webinar resource and comprehensively overhauling our online coaching programs to make sure we are able to bring the latest research backed and tour proven training strategy to every golfer, wherever they are in the world.
The new site will be available at http://www.strongergolf.co.uk….we’d love you to have a look around!
Key places to visit:
  1. Want 30 minutes of in-depth video on how to prepare the body for golf? Check out the free webinar
  2. Got a question? Visit the contact us section
  3. Also take a look at our new improved online coaching page, we think it will knock your socks off
And just in case you’re wondering you can still access the our ‘vault’ of old articles here at http://www.strongergolf.wordpress.com.
Thank you all so so much for your support in reading my posts on this site and I look forward to seeing you over on the new site.
All the best,
(Founder/ head coach @ Stronger Golf)

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