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Stronger Golf is a result of a lifetime of dedication to improving golf performance. We deliver a unique evidence based and periodised approach to improving movement quality, strength training, power development and conditioning for improving golf performance and helping golfers play injury free for longer.

It’s all about performance (and science)

Research has shown physical training to:

  • Reduce injury risk in golfers
  • Increase Club-head speed by 7-10 percent, or the equivalent of 10-15 yards, without any ill-effects on accuracy.
  • Increased strength and flexibility allows golfers to adopt more optimal swing mechanics
  • Improve muscular strength and muscular endurance, which has a positive impact on golf swing consistency during an 8-hour, 36-hole round of competitive golf.
  • Improve shot dispersion stats
  • Increase greens in regulation hit as a result of being closer to the hole after drive
  • Improve putting distance control
  • Lower scores

We use functional movements and exercises to detect imbalances and instabilities that leave you prone to injury and subpar performance. By maximizing your movement skills and eliminating inefficiencies we will prevent injury, allow you to swing the club in the most efficient manner for your body, and improve performance on and off the course.

In order to hit the ball further you must increase force production capability and your ability to produce that force quickly in order to use it in the golf swing. Plyometrics, Olympic lifting variations and resistance training are utilised to develop your power, strength and speed.

Movements borrowed and adapted from yoga, Pilates and gymnastics help to develop serious mobility but most importantly the stability and control to utilize that range of motion in your swing.

Full body exercises that teach force transfer from the lower body to the upper body movements ground, multi-planar movements, exercises teaching proper rotational mechanics and exercises that recreate the time constrained force development requirements of the golf swing are utilized to ensure gains in the gym directly transfer to your unique requirements to play your best golf.

World Class Coaching

Coupled with our passion for geeking out on the science of training golfers is coaching.


Because quality exercise prescription and coaching that’s individualized to your needs is the key to physical preparation for golf. In our experience, self-directed workouts are the number one reason why most golfers fitness programs never carryover to their golf performance:

  • Anyone and everyone interested in truly performing at a high level needs a coach and mentor.  Think about it, the guys and girls on pro tours know how to swing a golf club pretty well for sure yet most have swing coaches.  Time and time again the best progress is made when athletes hand off their programming and nutrition to a coach, so they can focus on just being an athlete.
  • There are too many variables for you to consider alone.  That’s not to say you aren’t smart, but an educated, unbiased, third party eye will always be better at assessing your current status, and developing a plan to take you from where you are to where you want to be. Not only that, people suck at programming for themselves as they naturally tend gravitate towards exercises they enjoy or are good at which are not usually the ones you actually need to increase performance or keep them healthy.
  • Most golfers don’t build a proper foundation of mobility and stability on which to add strength and power. Nor do they identify or work on fixing muscular imbalances. They rush into power training and fail to train across planes of motion. Possibly worst of all we see countless golfers use stretching improperly!
  • In training, there is this thing called allostatic load, which basically says your body only has a certain amount of ability to recover and adapt from stressors. As an athlete you want to keep allostatic load as low as possible, planning, tracking and recording your own workouts is adding to that allostatic load and potentially robbing you of focus, recovery and physical adaptation

What to do next?

Thanks for taking the time to read about us! There are 3 things you can do now to make sure you get the most out of our site:

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How can online training help me?

Kick start your training and your golf game with a program tailor-made to you and your golf swing. Get motivated and held accountable by an experienced and renowned coach who has been featured by the likes of TPI, STACK magazine and GolfWRX.com. We believe every golfer should access to the same service the tour pro’s receive and that is exactly what you get by training with us!

  • A detailed physical assessment and movement screen are used to inform the make up of your program and establish a much needed baseline. After all, if you aren’t testing your just guessing.
  • This is no generic program, you are completely different than anyone else and as such you will do best in your training with a workout program that has been developed specifically for you.
  • Having someone to help motivate you and provide accountability helps you stick to the program and see real results
  • Progress and recovery tracking allows us to constantly adapt every aspect of your fitness program to optimise performance
  • Much cheaper than paying for in-person sessions, even if you are lucky enough have an expert golf fitness coach nearby (there aren’t all that many of us out there unfortunately!)
  • Don’t even have to go to the gym as you can easily train from your home workout space, workouts are delivered right to your inbox.
  • Don’t have to work around the schedule of a trainer/coach, you can train whenever and wherever is convenient for you.

Our pro package takes care of literally everything in the gym you need to play your best golf. However for those of you who want a little more help with things out side of the gym like nutrition and tournament/round prep and recovery we have our elite package, and for those of you how want a little less we have our amateur package:

Amateur Package (program only) – $99/mo

Personalised program and mobility protocol – Access to video demo database – Monthly updates

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Pro Package (program and support) – $149/mo

Everything included in amateur package plus: Movement screen and Skype consultation – Weekly e-mail check ins and updates – Video form checks – Personal coach to hold you accountable and answer any quesions

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Elite Package (program, support and more) – $199/mo

Everything included in pro package plus: Nutrition guides (on and off course) – Food logs – Nutrition consultation – Customised pre-round warm-up and post round recovery protocols

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