“Nick’s advice and consulting has been a vital part to our success this year. He has helped me structure our team strength and conditioning program to one that works for both a team setting and on an individual basis. Even though we are a high school team, we practice and travel as if we were a college program. It is very important to be in a position to perform at our best with all the demands our schedule places on us and the quality of tournaments we enter. Nick has helped us be in the best shape possible to perform at a very high level.” 

Bryson Worley, Head Mens Golf Coach at Gainesville High School

“I started working with Nick in June 2014 after spending time in the gym working on my own things and not getting any real golf specific benefits despite taking tips from online videos and various magazine articles.
The routines Nick had me working on where alien to me at first but with his support I managed to work through them and within a few weeks started to see some real benefits both when looking in the mirror at home, and in things like ball flight and control on the golf course. Over the next few months I worked with Nick and had catch ups over the phone and email to ensure everything was working smoothly, alongside a new routine to work with every four weeks.
Through the work with Nick I raised my driver swing speed from 98mph to 110mph which has given me added yardage on the course, both from the tee and when hitting in to greens. I have also found that I am more in control of my swing now and this is mainly due to the work I have undertaken in the gym. I continue to work with Nick as the results speak for themselves.”

Chris Berry, 8 h’cap


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